Gain an Edge with PeopleSoft Resource Management Applications

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PeopleSoft, a well-known enterprise software vendor acquired by Oracle in the year 2005 is one of the most trending ERP Technology today. Its applications provide comprehensive industry and enterprise solutions to meet the complex business needs, provide a lower cost of ownership, improve productivity and enhance the business performance.

Whether you own a small local organization or a multi-national corporation, applications of PeopleSoft enable your company to easily adapt to the changing workforce, attain agility by minimizing the disruptions, make advanced decisions and effectively accomplish in the face of tough situations.
Applications and Industries

Today, PeopleSoft is used by several service-based industries like healthcare, education, financial, public sector and professional service providers. In general, it consists of two main apps that can address your requirements for Human capital management and enterprise resource management.

HCM : HP, time and attendance, payroll, talent management and many.
ERP: Procurement, financials, projects and many others.

PeopleSoft Resource Management

PeopleSoft resource management helps you gain fine cognizance on the importance of your resources like workforce profiling, your people, and Resource scheduling and usage analysis. It takes all the associated resources to a new level by using the traditional sourcing models.

Functionalities those present in the PeopleSoft resource management enables an individual to assess supply chain and develop a resource plan that supports one’s corporate objectives. It empowers maximum usage of resources, increase profitability and minimize the cost.


• Supports in analyzing of scheduled resources
• Develop and maintain the resource pools for efficient resource management
• To note the capacity of resource pool without specifying the a specific resource
• Helps to quickly assign resources for targeted resources with express search and much more

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