Salesforce Winter ’17 New Release – How important it is for business growth

Posted By radha-krishna | Nov 4, 2016 |

In today’s fast-paced technological world it is imperative for every business professional to generate more leads and stand apart from the crowd.

And Salesforce is surely an incredible cloud based service that enable businesses to improve their leads, manage sales and customer relations and enhance once productivity without any need for other heavy software’s or third party salesforce support and maintenance services.

It’s the time of the year again when this well-known cloud system has come up with its new release of Winter’17 to help enterprises enjoy its new features and work through complex business concerns in a single environment with ease. With salesforce Einstein, it has brought the power of AI to every individual. It has made the World’s no 1 CRM has the World’s smartest customer relation management by adding some natural language processing, predictive analytics and deep learning techniques to the customer success platform.

As per the sources it was also found that the new lightening release is out with some great stuff of around 432 pages wherein we can find over 300 new and enhanced features and 65000 jam-paced innovative points. And going through this understandably vast stuff is really a great task, so have listed some highlights from developer’s prospective.

New features of salesforce winter’ 17

In salesforce winter’17 new release, that been introduced a week ago has been launched with many advanced features, of which the one new benefit that sticks out in its lightening, the new name allotted to 2016 year iterations of the cloud apps sales that run through mobile devices and web browsers is its lightening voice. This new feature lets a sales rep an opportunity to place a phone call directly to potential user from within the application, log them or forward the calls as required.

Base lightening building blocks

Base lightening components that act as a building blocks of salesforce enhances the performance of modern Salesforce UI from the regular lightening experience to Saleforce1 mobile and to lighting communities. Also these basic components are very helpful on handling HTML, CSS, enhanced error messages as well as the accessibility and real-time interactions.

Marketing cloud

The World’s no 1 marketing apps that is helpful to reach an umpteen number of customers online.

Commerce cloud

Helpful in making a unified user experience a reality

App cloud

Can get to your desired apps easily with fewer clicks with new customization capabilities and navigation bar.

Community cloud

Can enjoy an opportunity to develop and apply your desired community theme that matches the feel and look of your brand.

Salesforce support service cloud snap-ins

The new snap-in chat widget of winter’ 17 release helps in embedding live agent in your mobile applications, website or the community.

Apart from the above listed there are many other advanced Salesforce winter’ 17 highlights such as

• Has a flexible campaign influence
• New lightening navigation menu
• Can now easily add any flows to your lightning pages like record pages, app pages, home pages and many
• Can implement your own mocking framework with Apex Stub API
• Can now quickly customize your household and client views with its new drag and drop configuration etc.

In the end, all you need to know is how effective Salesforce winter’17 new release features are for designing and implementing new applications that would consequently enhance the business productivity.

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